Vocabulary Test

I found a nice site calculating one’s vocabulary in English language by asking whether you know certain rare words. Try it:


I believe vocabulary correlates to one’s IQ, but have no idea how much that correlation is.

I am not a native, but I tried the test. My results is only 6800 words.

There is a statistical information in that site too.


And the blog with statistics:


It correlates with SAT scores, too.

So please answer the polls on how much your vocabulary was, created for native and non-native seperately.




Wisdom of Crowds Experiment-2

This time I would prefer a bit more complex question. It could actually be placed in an IQ test.

I am only trying different fields where wisdom of crowds would be successful. Is that a universal phenomenon, or it only works for linear simple problems?

Therefore, please answer the following question in the poll:

What is the missing number in the sequence:

1, 3, 7, ?, 31

Sweet Spot for Jewish Nobel Laureates

I tried to find autobiographical information about the jewish nobel laureates, especially their ancestral original town back in Europe. Almost all of them are ashkenazi jews. I created the following map, spotting the towns in google-maps. There are about 60 towns/laureates in my calculations.

Then I collected latitude and longitude of those towns, and averaged them. The result was around 50°N, and 17° E. This is around the town Wroclaw/Breslau in south western Poland. The area is historically called Silesia, which had a large jewish population. Earliest account of jews living there goes back to twelft century. It was not always peaceful, with many pogroms and holocaust, but still there were many yiddish living there.

I do not know exactly what that means, but the area might be the source, a sweet spot for jewish intellectual achievement. There can be something important about that region, not just a coincidence. Maybe even this helps in solving the mystery of ashkenazi intelligence.

Delegates to the conference at which the Ḥibat Tsiyon movement was founded, Katowice, Poland, 1884. (Front row, center) Lev (Leon) Pinsker, author of the proto-Zionist manifesto Autoemancipation. (YIVO)

Students from the Talmud Torah (tuition-free elementary school) at a kosher soup kitchen, Gliwice, 1946. YIVO (YIVO)

I do not know about other non-jewish european nobel laureates averages, but at least the latitude shall be close, but the longitude should be rather on more west.

So, do you know anything special about Silesian jews, that could relate to ashkenazi intelligence and achievement?


IQs of Nobel Laureates from male/female ratio

I made rough calculations, that can always be improved.

The idea is to calculate average IQs from a groups male female ratio.

Assumption is female have standard IQ deviation of 13,4 and males 16,4, and normal distribution.

IQ male/female ratio
190 1802,87
185 802,12
180 373,78
175 182,43
170 93,25
165 49,93
160 28,00
155 16,44
150 10,11
145 6,52
140 4,40
135 3,11
130 2,30
125 1,78
120 1,45
115 1,23
110 1,10
105 1,02
100 1,00


Based on this method, I am gonna calculate IQs of nobel laureates by subject, and total.

Data is from 1901 to 2013. http://stats.areppim.com/stats/stats_nobel_sexxcat.htm

Here are my results:

subject female male ratio IQ average
Chemistry 4 162 40,5 163
Economics 1 73 73 168
Literature 13 97 7,461538 147
Peace 15 86 5,733333 143
Physics 2 194 97 170
Medicine 10 194 19,4 157
Total 45 806 17,91111 156


This definitely makes sense, but maybe needs further improvement.

Wisdom of Crowds Experiment-1

This is my first post. English is not my first language, sorry for that.

I find the idea of the wisdom of crowds, and the experimental results fascinating. The idea is that the average guess of a group is most of the time much better than the individuals in that group.

I am still skeptical, so I want to continue searching…

Here is an experiment, please answer honestly, without checking in internet. I will basically average your guesses.

So please guess:

What is the population of Russia?

pick the closest number