Questioning the Benefits of Alcohol for Heart Health

There are many studies correlating alcohol consumption and cardiovascular health. The authors mostly rationalize the correlation by basically saying that alcohol is thinning blood and similar things… However, correlation does not imply causation.

I have another explanation:

There is also a correlation between Intelligence (IQ) and heart disease. Smarter people have less heart problems. And IQ has a positive correlation with alcohol consumption. And alcohol consumption has a correlation with heart disease. Therefore, it might be that the people who drink alcohol have less heart problems, because they have higher IQs. And higher IQs correlate with having healthier lifestyles, therefore possibly explaining the heart benefits.

In conclusion, I think alcohol does not benefit cardiovascular health, although correlated. One has to control for IQ levels, and make a study of alcohol consumption and heart disease. If you still find a correlation, I will believe it.




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