IQ vs Alcohol Consumption for Countries

I have looked into IQ average and alcohol consumption per country. There is actually a positive correlation between average IQ and alcohol consumption. Correlation is 0.41.



I will look into again correlation analysis, as I see similar behaviour I saw with homicide rates.


And that is right again. Correlation gains momentum to the positive side after an IQ value of around 80. Below that values, there are different trends that fluctuate strangely. Alcohol consumption ban in certain muslim countries might effect those trend, however I did not look into that data yet.

I find it interesting that limit IQ average from which very high correlation starts with alcohol consumption and also homicide rates(prevoiour post). And again, after around IQ 100, it stabilized, with no correlation.

We can also at values between 80 and 100 IQ values where we see a strong consistent trend.


Too many values for each IQ number.  The correlation is 0.68 which is quite high.

But we can also average values, as we see many values per IQ number.


Now we see a better picture, and the correlation is 0.9.

If you have any idea why a positive correlation gains strong momentum after IQ value 80, please comment.


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