Sweet Spot for Jewish Nobel Laureates

I tried to find autobiographical information about the jewish nobel laureates, especially their ancestral original town back in Europe. Almost all of them are ashkenazi jews. I created the following map, spotting the towns in google-maps. There are about 60 towns/laureates in my calculations.

Then I collected latitude and longitude of those towns, and averaged them. The result was around 50°N, and 17° E. This is around the town Wroclaw/Breslau in south western Poland. The area is historically called Silesia, which had a large jewish population. Earliest account of jews living there goes back to twelft century. It was not always peaceful, with many pogroms and holocaust, but still there were many yiddish living there.

I do not know exactly what that means, but the area might be the source, a sweet spot for jewish intellectual achievement. There can be something important about that region, not just a coincidence. Maybe even this helps in solving the mystery of ashkenazi intelligence.

Delegates to the conference at which the Ḥibat Tsiyon movement was founded, Katowice, Poland, 1884. (Front row, center) Lev (Leon) Pinsker, author of the proto-Zionist manifesto Autoemancipation. (YIVO)

Students from the Talmud Torah (tuition-free elementary school) at a kosher soup kitchen, Gliwice, 1946. YIVO (YIVO)

I do not know about other non-jewish european nobel laureates averages, but at least the latitude shall be close, but the longitude should be rather on more west.

So, do you know anything special about Silesian jews, that could relate to ashkenazi intelligence and achievement?



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