Male-Female Differences in Intelligence (IQ)

I have data of 2764 people who did Raven’s and Mill Hill Vocabulary Test. I am not going to give details about the source, as this is not a scientific journal, and I am just interested in sharing the information. There were slightly more women, therefore I deleted those extra women with lowest results. This should actually favor women, but it did not change the results much.

I have to say that I am only interested in truth. The fact that a certain gender/sex has higher IQ does not effect my intelligence. So I have no interest in proving men are smarter, but I just want to know the reality.

Íntelligence differences between males and females has long been discussed. My observation was that the higher the intelligence, less are women. The history is full of male geniuses, scientists, artists, leaders, etc. However, very few of them are women. Many people argue that it is so because of culture, society, etc… I believe there are some biological reasons, and culture is also one of the results of those biological factors. I also belive that because of male-male competition to have access to women and resource, male intelligence ( IQ) as well as body size, mascularity and other fitness factors are elevated/increased.

In the Raven’s and Mill Hill Vocabulary Test results, one can see the difference of the male performers and female performers. Best male performers are compared to best female performers. And aslo average and worst male performers are compared to average and worst female performers. I summed total scored points, and ordered males from best to worst, and females from best to worst. Then took the difference.

The results clearly show that the higher the intelligence (IQ), the more males there are, or less females. And also at the lower end of scale, the worst performers are also males. Therefore we can conclude that males have higher standard deviation in intelligence (IQ) than females. The charts are below:





As you see, the results are consistent in both tests. And also consistent with my observations.

Questioning the Benefits of Alcohol for Heart Health

There are many studies correlating alcohol consumption and cardiovascular health. The authors mostly rationalize the correlation by basically saying that alcohol is thinning blood and similar things… However, correlation does not imply causation.

I have another explanation:

There is also a correlation between Intelligence (IQ) and heart disease. Smarter people have less heart problems. And IQ has a positive correlation with alcohol consumption. And alcohol consumption has a correlation with heart disease. Therefore, it might be that the people who drink alcohol have less heart problems, because they have higher IQs. And higher IQs correlate with having healthier lifestyles, therefore possibly explaining the heart benefits.

In conclusion, I think alcohol does not benefit cardiovascular health, although correlated. One has to control for IQ levels, and make a study of alcohol consumption and heart disease. If you still find a correlation, I will believe it.




Asceticism means to do things that are against our desires. Its practices are as early as humanity. I am not gonna discuss the etymology or semantics regarding this word, because the practices are universal, not just a greek invention.

Yes, asceticism is a universal practice, in all cultures, in all religions. The most common ascetic practices are: fasting, sleep deprivation, chanting, meditation, sexual abstinance, flagellation, silence, etc… basically things which we do not want and give us pain or suffering. The practices are also shared by greek philosophers, hindus, muslims, christians, jains, native americans, africans, etc..

There is something that makes asceticism survive, in evolutionary sense. Although pain is evolved so that we do not do certain things, asceticism is the exact opposite that survived with it too, therefore somehow creating a conflict. Many great individuals were ascetics, many great philosophers and also artists. Asceticism enhances cognitive powers together with creativity, as we all know that suffering creates art.

The austerities makes people tough, ready for daily life’s battles. Students of asceticism will lough at the small concerns of ordinary people. Ascetics are going to deal with the most important questions of life, they are going to lead people by example, and create a healthy society to live in.

Asceticism creates a beautiful personality. The ascetic have very little ego, anger, greed, jealousy, fear, anxiety, etc. The practices will make him/her a much better version of himself/herself, leading almost to perfection.

You may also get a glimpse of what it feels like to be an ascetic, although very difficult, by some benign forms of those practices. Try fasting and sleep deprivation for a certain period of time. Try chanting, the easiest and one of the best ways to reach enlightenment. Just repeat a mantra, you may create your own mantra or use existing ones. And repeat that sentence or word continuously. Chanting alone, can give you most of what other practices can give, therefore it is very important. You can whip yourself, you may run a marathon or meditate. Try to be silent for some time, do not talk. Do not have sex for some time. These are all hard practices, but slowly you can get better at them, you will become tougher. Suffering will elevate your soul. And the best works will be created by extreme forms of asceticism.

Have fun!

IQ vs Penis Size for Countries

I have looked at the correlations between penis size and IQ. The data for penis size are for erect length and circumference. And volume calculated from length and circumference.

My sources are:

The correlation between penis length and IQ is -0.28. The higher the IQ the lower the penis length.

It is very interesting that the correlation between penis circumference and IQ is only -0.05, which is not significant. I would say that there is no correlation between penis circumference and IQ, but the real negative correlation (weak to medium) is due to penis length.



Correlation change with IQ is quite stable, different than homicide rates and alcohol comsumption case. And the value of correlation is most of the time around -0.35 rather than the total correlation of -0.28.

When we look at the circumference plot, we see the data everywhere.


There is an interesting behaviour one can observe here. Although the correlation is quite weak, we see some normal distribution. Around IQ 90, the circumference is lowest, and gets higher the further IQ from the mean of 90. Maybe this is due to the many number of countries around mean, however we see only change in the lower side than the higher side.

We can also look the correlation change with increasing IQ mean.


The correlation for circumference is quite stable actually,with very weak correlation.

It might be interesting to know IQ correlation within a society, rather than accross countries. We might see a different picture then.


IQ vs Alcohol Consumption for Countries

I have looked into IQ average and alcohol consumption per country. There is actually a positive correlation between average IQ and alcohol consumption. Correlation is 0.41.



I will look into again correlation analysis, as I see similar behaviour I saw with homicide rates.


And that is right again. Correlation gains momentum to the positive side after an IQ value of around 80. Below that values, there are different trends that fluctuate strangely. Alcohol consumption ban in certain muslim countries might effect those trend, however I did not look into that data yet.

I find it interesting that limit IQ average from which very high correlation starts with alcohol consumption and also homicide rates(prevoiour post). And again, after around IQ 100, it stabilized, with no correlation.

We can also at values between 80 and 100 IQ values where we see a strong consistent trend.


Too many values for each IQ number.  The correlation is 0.68 which is quite high.

But we can also average values, as we see many values per IQ number.


Now we see a better picture, and the correlation is 0.9.

If you have any idea why a positive correlation gains strong momentum after IQ value 80, please comment.

IQ vs Homicide Rate for Countries

I have looked into homicide rate and IQ data for countries. My sources are:

Therefore more countries in Homicide Rate sources, therefore I needed to chop the ones which did not have IQ average data. In total, there are 180 countries in the comparison.


Correlation is -0.38. This means the higher the IQ the lower the homicide rate, and therefore your chances of being murdered in that country.

We can further play with the data, doing some averaging to get visually nicer and understandable picture.

Every 5 points average: Correlation:-0.68


Every 10 points average: Correlation:-0.79


Every 20 points average: Correlation:-0.90


Every 30 points average: Correlation:-0.90


Of course the correlation will increase with averaging. But this is only to give a clearer picture.

There is another possibility of looking at the data, from correlation point of view, analysing the data from part to part. The following figure shows the correlation (IQ vs homicide rate) vs average IQ. This will give us information about the correlation until that particular IQ average point. This is done in order to explain the bump around IQ average 80.


Picture above show how the correlation change with additional data. This will give information about the nature of IQ vs homicide rate correlation. The interesting observation is that, after the average IQ of 80, the negative correlation gains momentum increasing until -0.38. Until IQ average 80, there is almost no or very weak correlation between IQ vs homicide rate for countries. Initial couple of points show strong correlation however, these are too few data to conclude on that initial correlation.

From these pictures, we can conclude that until the average of IQ 80, the homicide rate has very weak correlation with average IQ of a country. Above 80 IQ, the correaltion gets stronger on negative side with increasing IQ. And it stabilizes around IQ average 100.

In any country below IQ average of 80, your chances of being murdered is on average 7 times higher than a highly developed/high IQ (mostly european) country.

Nobel Prize per capita vs GDP per capita

I have looked into scientific nobel prizes per capita and its correlation with GDP per capita. My sources were:

There is one country, Saint Lucia, which stands out as number one, and has relatively low GDP per capita. The correlation depends a lot on inclusion of this country, among 49 countries.

The correlation without including Saint Lucie is 0.76, which is quite high. With Saint Lucie, correlation is 0.47. So it is a big difference actually. It has only one scientific economics nobel prize, but population is around 180000, so it stands out. Taiwan and Spain are also some anomalies on the other side but I will keep them.

I will plot it without Saint Lucie.


Scientific Nobel per capita vs GDP per capita(international dollars).